Spray Painting Party!

I had a total crazy spray painting day. I must have been high from all the fumes. Maybe I should have worn a mask. Yes I did all this in one day.

I had all these nic-nacs and other various things in my house that I was not happy with. I loved the shape or the style, but not the colors. So voila, spray paint! I mainly used black and white to make my apartment feel more uniform, more calming. Here are the before and afters. Some I don't have before's, so bear with me.

Candleholders before:

Candleholders after (sans candles, I like it better this way):

Chandelier dressing before (these are just cheap branches with beads I bought at a craft store):

Chandelier after:

Mirror before (I loved the shape of this mirror and the large frame border, but the yellow with the leaves had to go):

Mirror after (crisp, glossy black):

Garden pot before (I also rearranged this hallway with different art, plant, rug, etc.):

Garden pot, celery green after:

Some random afters:

Night light (it was maroon and mustard before):

Bird (it was brown and ugly, very 70's before):

Mail holder (it was brown and had grapes on it before, ugh!):

Whew! I think that's it...I may have missed some. I hope you'll find some love for spray painting, too! And wear a mask.


  1. These are great! Makes me want to break out some cans of paint and start spraying things. Nice job.

  2. I love seeing all of your projects Kiley!

  3. Thanks, Monica! And keep up the fantastic work on Craftynest. Love it.