Merry Christmas!

I'm heading to Massachusetts with my fiance to be with his family. Should be fun! Merry Christmas everyone!

Here's a shot of our tree:

And our little snowman:


Bedroom Inspiration

My bedroom keeps changing...Hmmm, imagine that! I'm still just not happy with it.

I bought new curtains from JCPenny, and they're velvet in a rich caramel color. Cindy Crawford (or her team) is good! Oh and they really block out the bright morning sun our bedroom gets.

I also bought some new lamps, which I love, from Pier 1.

They're very similar to this in size and shape, but they have a cream drum shade, and the base is glass stacked bulbs. They're not on their website for some reason... They were only $30 each, and they're the perfect height for reaching over and turning off the light while in bed. Success.

But I'm still not satisfied. Hmph!

I think it's the pink/peachish wing back chair I have and the dark wood night stands. Too dark! I'm going for a light and airy bedroom. So then I came across this gem!

Woah! This is a $40 Ikea Rast dresser madeover! I paid more than that for my nighstands. So this is a must! Plus there's storage, so no more plastic crates for my socks and whatnots. Sorry, Brian, another project...

I want to skip work for a week and do nothing but projects. It's a sickness.