Handmade Jewelry

This weekend, I had a small poetry workshop at my apartment with a few friends. A fairly new friend, Alison, was wearing the most beautiful necklace and earrings. And what do you know, she made both pieces! Her jewelry is all handmade, usually created from recycled/repurposed materials. I really love these two necklaces. The combination of the hardware with the ribbon is just lovely.

Check out her website at http://retoldstory.com/.

I also know another jewelry artist through my work at the Art department at George Mason University. I meet a number of the MFA graduate students, and they're all producing such great work. One abstract painter turned jewelry-maker has done really well for herself selling her jewelry in stores here in the U.S. and abroad. Check out this swallow necklace and this dagger heart necklace.

Here's her website in case you'd like to purchase. http://www.odetteny.com/.

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