Coffee Table Dilemma

I just bought this great table off Craigslist for cheap! It's solid wood and the iron base weighs a ton! I seriously couldn't even carry it, let alone lift it, and I do pride myself on being able to move some furniture around a room, whenever the mood strikes! But this puppy isn't moving. I really like the textured top and the airy base even though it's black, but I'm having trouble with the beige rug, table, and sofa. And since my dream sofa isn't coming anytime soon, I gotta work with what I've got. Any suggestions? Sometimes I like the beige on beige, and then the very next second, I think bleh!

Should I get a cowhide, which I love, and throw that baby down over top of the beige, you know, layer it up? I have a lot of other colors in the room, including a lime green sofa and buttery yellow curtains, so I don't want to go too crazy with a rug. Man, decorating is a disease...


The Enviable Sofa

Everytime I come across a great living room, this sofa is always in it. Bam! Where are these folks getting it? And can I get one for a whole lot less than I'm sure their sofas are worth?! The first image isn't quite it exactly, but the second and third images show the rolled arms, the turned legs on casters. Actually the ottoman in the first image is pretty awesome, too!

via Bryn Alexandra

via Pure Style Home

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