Pretty Pretty

Grace over at Design Sponge posted images yesterday from Michael Penney's house from Canadian House and Home. I quickly discovered that Penney has a blog at CH&H. I love his style and his thrifting tips! I'm so in love with these images that I had to post them, too!

Turquoise is hands-down my favorite color. Or is it aqua? Both! I think his rooms are more aqua, or robin's egg blue. I am smitten. Terribly. Seriously.

Please stop being so beautiful...


Paint Paint Paint!

Where to start? I've lived in the same apartment for 4 years. Just the other day, my fiance says "why don't we paint, we've lived here 4 years." Or something along those lines. In my past apartments, I've painted one accent wall in the living room. Now I'm thinking, why not paint the whole living room/dining room combo (one open space)?

But what color? I want something soft and fairly easy to paint back over. I have neutral colors in my rooms (mostly dark wood, tan couch, etc.). But I do have buttery gold curtains, and a lime green couch with pops of turquoise around and a little cranberry. So I'm thinking a nice tan/beige but something that still stands out.

Here are some pictures of my living/dining area. Please help!


Things that make you go hmmm....

Okay, I love me some Apartment Therapy, like every day I check it love it.

But this posting is just ridiculous! I mean seriously, you can still tell it's a dishwasher...

And I also love me some zebra print, but come on. I think I want a decal of a toilet seat just to mix it up.

Appliance art, my ass. I guess I'm in a bad mood.


Wedding Inspiration

Style Me Pretty rocks! It's the best site for wedding ideas and has some of the most amazingly gorgeous images.

Here is one wedding by Alders Photography. I love all the vintage, handmade touches. I especially love the colors of pink and light blue.

*Click the image for a larger view.

I will totally DIY that wishes tree! I love it.