From the Beginning

So I've been thinking about starting a blog for sometime. I didn't want it to be about poetry (my first love), so I decided on design (my other first love). In thinking of a title, I automatically thought of "Macho Purse." I used to carry around this enormous bag, probably a thrift store or T.J. Maxx purchase. It looked somewhat like this one, though not a Marc Jacobs bag, and much more macho! I don't know why I carried it around. I don't usually stuff my bag full. I guess it was because it was beautiful and I gave it a name, so I had to carry it... Also I came up with this name for some friends who needed a name for a band they were putting together.

An old boss once told me I was the kind of person who liked to surround myself with beautiful, organized things (I told her my dream jobs were to work at a plant nursery, create scents for a perfume store, or work in an antique shop, among others...) So here's to "Macho Purse." I hope you'll enjoy reading this blog of art, design, some poetry, and whatever else comes to mind.


  1. That is a beautiful bag. I'd carry it everywhere with me if it were mine. Good luck with your blog and thank you for change of topic :O)... if you get a chance check mine out: sewitupbaby.blogspot.com. It's about quilting mostly. I'm trying to add sewing too. Let me know what you think.

  2. You're off to a great start Kiley, I really enjoyed reading your posts.