Let There Be Light?

I do not have this kitchen:

Or this one:

I have a galley kitchen in an apartment. Enough said. We have an overhead light which is decent, but we like to keep a little light on instead of having to flip the switch each time. Plus at night, the kitchen just looks dark and sad. I had a cute little lamp with a red shade that gave just the right glow, but it burnt out and the shade tore.

Any suggestions? What do you do for light in your kitchen?


Jewelry Display

I used to keep my necklaces in the bathroom! Bad idea. Hot showers and little ventilation is no good!

I wanted everything in one place, so I bought this cute little jewelry box at TJ Maxx for $20, sorted through my jewelry and got rid of a lot! Then, what to do with the necklaces? I had seen on several blogs people displaying their necklaces in all sorts of ways, and this is what I came up with. A few vases and some pretty chains dangling down. Plus I put out a vase of buttons 'cause I like buttons. I know, it's a sickness. I used to dump my mom's jar of buttons out on the floor and pour over them for hours.

Too many books = no room for dresser, so I had to clear the top row of books on my shelves to make room. But I kept a cute little stack of orange books and popped a bird on top. Instant happiness. Now I have my own little dresser/vanity top, which I've always wanted.