Happy Accidents--DIY Art

I bought a new rug for my hallway, and it had creases that needed to be flattened out. So I grabbed some big art books off the shelf and came across this one that my boyfriend bought me awhile ago.

I had totally forgotten about this book...We have like 8 bookshelves in our apartment. Two poets equals lots of books. Anyways, I started flipping through and found all of these great images. So I promptly starting tearing out my favorites and deciding where to put them. I used existing frames and hung them in different spots throughout my place.

These go very nicely with my other botanical prints (below) that I bought at a store in Fairfax called Circa Home and Garden.

I love these kinds of happy accidents. That book would have just sat on the shelf all by it lonesome. Now the images have a new life! And it's spring (almost) so these prints are fitting!

Changing out artwork is so easy. Do you have projects like this to celebrate spring? Send them my way!


  1. I love your new art! What a nice little surprise :) Makes me want to go through all of my old art books. My walls are so bare. They need your help!

  2. Thanks Sara! I think you're the only one who reads my blog. I love it!

    Yes art books are the place to start. So much cheaper. Plus you can get cheap frames anywhere.

  3. And now I'm reading it too! What great ideas, and what fun!

    About cheap frames: some of my students have gotten wonderful ones (not originally so cheap sometimes!) at places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores. The upside is that you often find distinctive older wooden frames, still in good condition but with worn paint or a chip or two. A little TLC and maybe a new piece of glass, and you've got a quirky frame for a special art piece.