Everybody's Doing It...

Black walls, that is. At first, I thought, oh no, what a disaster! I can't imagine how many coats of paint it would take to fully saturate the walls and not appear streaky, and well, awful.

They also remind me of my old bedroom in high school. When we moved into the house, the room had patterned black wallpaper and one wall of gold mirrors. I guess the previous owner was ahead of the design game because now black, wallpaper, and accents of gold are all the rage. And I'm actually liking this trend. Waah! Oh thankfully my mom took down all the wallpaper and mirrors for me. What a nice mom!

The other day I was painting some chairs glossy black, and I had about a half of a can left. I was this close to painting a small wall in the hallway black, but I didn't have any painters tape or rollers, just one little two-inch brush, so that spur of the moment idea was put on hold. Plus I live in an apartment, so I'd have to paint it back white.

Anyways, here are some black bedrooms. I think they are lovely, very cozy, and the black walls make everything recede into space, or depending on your accent colors, they make everything pop! Three and four are my favorites!

Images via Apartment Therapy:



I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've posted. I've been searching for the perfect Chesterfield sofa all this time (actually, planning my wedding is more like it!)

I have recently fallen in love with the Chesterfield sofa. It's overstuffed, yet still sleek because of the lack of back cushions. I love the tufted back and rolled arms. It's elegant and classic yet playful and vintage. I appreciate those contrasting qualities in just about every aspect of decorating.

Here are some beauties:

Craigslist here I come. Please please have one in ivory with nailhead trim.