Michael Jackson

Okay, so I know this is all over the news, and people are sick of it, and then a lot of other people are very sad. For me, Michael Jackson represented my early childhood. I can remember taking my jam box to the horse shed (where we stored hay and feed for our horse) and practicing my MJ dance moves by myself. I lived way out in the country and there weren't many kids around. So I guess I had to have a greater imagination, and I loved playing by myself. Anyways, I digress.

For my 6th birthday, I asked my mom for a Michael Jackson cake. And like a great mom, she obliged.

Here's to Michael. You will be deeply missed by so many of us.


Office Overhaul

Okay, so awhile ago I posted on wanting to redo my office. My boyfriend and I are both writers, so it's only fitting we have a decent office with desk space. Unfortunately, I don't have any before shots of the old furniture. Basically we had a bright orange desk, a dark wood desk, and two mismatched chairs.

I found these new desks at World Market on sale for $109. So for $220 bucks or so we got two new desks. But I sold our old ones and got $100 total, so basically I got the new ones for $100. That's how I rationalize things...

The two chairs were $18 each at a thrift store. I thought about recovering the fabric and painting the chairs white, but I just don't know yet. I may just leave it this way for awhile until I have some grand idea about how to redo them.

So for $140 or so, oh plus curtains that were $25, we got a new office.

Here are some pics:


Telephone Talkin'

I have always had a thing for telephone tables/benches. I think it's because my mom had one (still does) and I remember sitting in it and flipping through the phone book pretending to be a grown up. Imagine that, a phone book. Now, no one sits while they're on the phone. Everyone is too busy to actually sit down and enjoy a good 'ol phone conversation. So this is my salute to some great telephone benches.

*The last three images courtesy of Design Sponge.

Oh, and when I googled "telephone talking" I came up with this video from the Guys Next Door, 80's boy band. I met them once at a Karma store. ha ha! The video link isn't working, but you can google it yourself. It's on you tube. I digress...


Repurposed Metal Rolling Cart

That title was a mouth full... Anyhoo, as I've mentioned before, I work in the art department at George Mason University. We are currently gearing up to move into a brand spankin' new building. Woohoo! I'll have a window. So faculty are tossing things left and right, and this cute little rolling cart caught my eye. It was very dirty before with paint splotches and perfect circles where paint cans sat.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

And a closer look:

Isn't it great!? Well I love it. This way I can roll my plants in and out of the sun as needed. And the total cost of this project? 8 Bucks!

Budget Breakdown:

Metal Rolling Cart = FREE!
$4 or so for the aqua spray paint
$4 or so for steel wool to sand it down a bit

Yeah! Now I can enjoy my flowers and my new plant stand.


Before and After

In my entryway, I have this cute little console table I found in the trash a long time ago. I've stained it, and placed this wooden chair next to it (another freebie from where I work).

I've been trying to figure out what to put on this table. Before it was sad with just two little candles and a lamp:

Now, it's happy with a stack of old books and a cute little succulent under glass.

Though I'm still not completely satisfied with it...Imagine that. I think it's the lamp. When I saw this lamp on sale (like less than $20! at JcPenney) awhile ago, I thought it was amazing. I mean amber glass bulbs. Leopard print or whatever is. Now I kind of think it's totally ugly. ha! New lamp here I come.

Any suggestions? Is it the lamp? Is it too much wood?