Stool Makeover

I have been wanting to makeover my entryway. I live in an apartment, so when you walk in you're instantly in the living area.

So I bought this cute little stool. Here are the before pictures (I forgot to photograph the legs, which were shabby chic white.) I thought of keeping them, but the fabric I was using was more modern and clean, so I figured painting the legs and frame glossy black would look better.


I spray painted the legs and frame black, then draped the new fabric over the edges. I was originally going to use nailhead trim, but was too lazy and used a staple gun instead. Ha! That nailhead trim shit is hard. You really can't see the staples, and I plan to put a ribbon around the edge to cover them. Quick solution!


Entrway Before: (Boring!)

Entrway After: (Better! sans plant + rolled blanket)


  1. I love that fabric you picked for the bench! You know what would be especially fun for that area? A cute umbrella holder with a cheery umbrella inside!

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