Bathroom Dilemma

I bought this zebra shower curtain on Ebay from West Elm. I really like it, but the problem is it's a bit too long. It pools at the bottom and touches the floor. Now normally this wouldn't bother me with say, curtains. But it's the bathroom and the floor might get a little wet.

Should I hem it by hand (I don't have a sewing machine) or should I be real cheap and use my iron on hem tape? And if I use the hem tape, will it hold up when I wash the shower curtain?

Also, does anyone have any artwork suggestions? I never know what kind of art to put in a bathroom. This is our only bathroom, so I want it clean and simple. Plus the only wall is across from the shower and when you open the door, it blocks half the wall. Right now I just have a mirror there, but can change this.


  1. Not sure about how to hem the curtain -i'd say hem by hand or maybe take it to someone who does alterations. In terms of artwork -how about a printed image in a black frame with a white mat? Classic and clean.

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