Mercury Glass Lamps

I found this pair of mercury glass lamps on Craigslist for $40! They're 60's originals! I was so excited and emailed the person--alas, someone was coming to pick them up! I was so upset, but then a few days later, the woman emailed to say they didn't show. I was there in a flash.

I bought the two black shades at Kmart. They're a little beat up in places but they were on sale, so oh well! They look great with the lamps. I love how reflective they are. Sometimes when we eat breakfast, I stare at them and am happy. Sad, I know.

Of course, I had to rearrange in order to make them work (as Timm Gunn would say!) I wanted a kind of buffet/sideboard/bar area in the dining room, so I used an existing console table and voila! I love when things work out.

And yes, that is a branch I scavenged from outside and spray painted pink. When I think how insane I can be about decorating, it makes me laugh. My boyfriend said, "there are no pink branches." Little does he know...


  1. Kiley, I love these lamps! They were the first things I noticed and gushed over when I came to your place recently -- the first of many things in your lovely home. Good find.

  2. Thanks Aubrey! I know when I found them on craigslist, I just about died!