Office Overhaul

Okay, so awhile ago I posted on wanting to redo my office. My boyfriend and I are both writers, so it's only fitting we have a decent office with desk space. Unfortunately, I don't have any before shots of the old furniture. Basically we had a bright orange desk, a dark wood desk, and two mismatched chairs.

I found these new desks at World Market on sale for $109. So for $220 bucks or so we got two new desks. But I sold our old ones and got $100 total, so basically I got the new ones for $100. That's how I rationalize things...

The two chairs were $18 each at a thrift store. I thought about recovering the fabric and painting the chairs white, but I just don't know yet. I may just leave it this way for awhile until I have some grand idea about how to redo them.

So for $140 or so, oh plus curtains that were $25, we got a new office.

Here are some pics:


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  2. Please don't paint the chairs white. Please?

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  4. Kiley -- Thanks for the kind words over at Just a Little Bit. I wanted to come over to check out your desks, and they look great!

    In a few weeks I will be a resident of Fair Oaks, so I am not too far away from you. :)

    Perhaps, if you wanted to paint the chairs (though they are gorgeous as is) you could do a bold color? Maybe a green or something? Good luck!

  5. Thanks, Laura. We're almost neighbors! I will add you to my blog roll.

  6. Hi Kiley, This color of furniture looks classic. You may keep it as long as you like it...

    - Mehul

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