Before and After

In my entryway, I have this cute little console table I found in the trash a long time ago. I've stained it, and placed this wooden chair next to it (another freebie from where I work).

I've been trying to figure out what to put on this table. Before it was sad with just two little candles and a lamp:

Now, it's happy with a stack of old books and a cute little succulent under glass.

Though I'm still not completely satisfied with it...Imagine that. I think it's the lamp. When I saw this lamp on sale (like less than $20! at JcPenney) awhile ago, I thought it was amazing. I mean amber glass bulbs. Leopard print or whatever is. Now I kind of think it's totally ugly. ha! New lamp here I come.

Any suggestions? Is it the lamp? Is it too much wood?

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