Workable Office

I've been wanting to redo our home office for awhile now. It's tricky, though, when you have two people and need two desks plus bookshelves that can accomodate many many books.

I would like simple furniture, sleek desks and chairs. Bookcases can be about anything--they're by nature pretty simple with clean lines. I'm also not sure about office chairs. Should they match, and then have different desks? I want cohesiveness, but I hate matchy matchy rooms. Maybe an office is an exception to that rule...

Any advice?

Here are some desks I'm loving:

Parsons Desk from West Elm (in polished black or chocolate):

Linden Street Cordovan desk from JCPenney: And maybe just basic chairs like this from IKEA: I really am at a loss...

Currently, I have a desk from the Salvation army that is okay, but the finish is rubbing off and it's too small! Brian has a bright orange desk, but it's also too small, and it's not a pretty orange. My office chair I found near a dumpster, and he has a small task chair that sits way too low. It's not as bad as it sounds. But we're two poets who have not very usable office furniture. Oh, and the bookcases were given to us too, so they're old and need replaced. Whew!

Anyone want to share their home office makeovers on a budget? I could use some inspiration!


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