New Project idea

Okay, so I'm moving past the unusable office for now until I can actually go out shopping and look around. I like to look online, but I also like to see the furniture in person, sit behind a desk and see if it's a fit.

This is my new project idea. I have this great chair that I stole (basically) from the art department where I work. It was brought in and used for a photo shoot and then left in the photo studio for weeks before it was up for grabs.

I'd like to somehow add nailhead trim to the vertical back and maybe on the arms. Problem is, it's wood. How do I accomplish this? Most people use nailhead trim on fabric, and I imagine this is much easier. Any suggestions?

Here are some pieces with nailhead trim. I love this look. It just adds that extra va va voom!

West Elm nailhead upholstered headboard:

Crate and Barrel Colette bench:

Also, any ideas on where you can buy this trim? I'd assume Home Depot or Lowe's has it. Michael's doesn't--I already checked!

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