One Strange Day

Today the Virginia and D.C. area experienced the largest earthquake since 1944 (measuring 5.9). People as far as New York and Ohio felt it! The last time I recall an earthquake was when I was a young girl in the mid-80's in Indiana. I don't really remember much except for the dishes rattling and shifting inside the china cabinet.

After evacuating the art building where I work at George Mason University, we all stood around wondering what to do next. It was a small earthquake, comparatively, but still it shook everyone up. Then I began to worry about my apartment and if anything was damaged or broken. My co-workers said, "well if it's broken, then it's broken." And I was thinking, yeah, you're right, but inside I felt like, oh that's "my stuff, my stuff." Terrible, I know. What if it had been worse? When I came home to apartment, this is what I found:

Nothing broken, nothing severely damaged, all was fine. And we were all safe, which is honestly, all that really matters.

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