Shopping online is dangerous so much fun! Yeah I just did that really trendy, hilarious crossing out a word thing. Oh well.

My dining table has a ton of scratches and just general wear. I guess that's what you get when you buy a table from Target. The finish is so strange--you wipe your hand across it and a white smudge appears. You set something down on it for one second and it instantly leaves a mark. I'm tired of looking at it and worrying about making it worse.

That's why I'm thinking of buying this lovely tablecloth. Isn't it sweet?

Except that my table is only like 48"L x 30" W and this one is 70" x 108". Too big? I don't mind it being tabletop to floor but will it pool too much? I cannot do this whole find the right size tablecloth for your table. That's what wedding caterers are for!

I am not usually a fan of tablecloths or a lot of pattern, but I'm trying to embrace it. Besides, I have a lime green couch and this would go perfectly since the floor plan is open.

Did I just talk myself into buying this? I think so.

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