Etsy Artist: William Anthony

I came across the most beautiful side tables I have ever seen. Simple, elegant, mixing wood with metal. I'm in heaven. Etsy generally has so much amazing stuff, but because it's such a vast site, it's hard to really find anything. I don't even remember what key words brought me to his site: side table and brass, I think.

The artist, William Anthony, is out of the UK. You can visit his website here or view his Etsy site here. There's not a whole lot of information on him, but here is his design ethos: "I draw on the character of the raw material influenced by the idea of wabi-sabi and Dieter Rams' ten principles... Sustainability is crucial to my thinking and the wood used is that which would otherwise be burnt or chipped. All wood is sourced from within the British Isles and is from trees that are windblown, diseased or felled for safety reasons."

I am partial to the tables with elm and brass (1st and 3rd image) but they are all amazing.

What are your recent Etsy finds?

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