Chair Makeovers

I like chairs, alot! See my other post on another chair makeover. My mom sort of collects chairs, too, and now I'm following her obsession.

I made over two chairs this past week. It was nice and sunny, so I set up on my porch and went to town. Luckily I was painting both glossy black, so it was much easier.

Here is chair number one before:

I acquired this chair at work for free. I work in an art department, and this was leftover in the photography studio. The little cushion was when I was into that burgundy color, which now, I hate! What was I thinking?

Here is chair number one after two coats of glossy black paint, an IKEA sheepskin and a pleated pillow (both I already owned):

Here is chair number two before. I lie, I forgot to take a picture because I was so excited to paint it and recover it. I bought this little chair for $7 at my local thrift store, Yesterday's Rose. It had a black vinyl seat cover and a kind of bland brown wooden frame.

Here is chair number two after two coats of glossy black paint and Sophia fabric from IKEA:

And here's the full vignette with art on the walls:

I am so in love with this striped fabric. It's dramatic, a little carnival-esque. I also like how the striped fabric mimics the lines of the chair. Oh happy day!

So here is the cost breakdown:

$0 for chair number one (picked up at work)
$7 for chair number two
$8 for paint for both chairs
$4 for Sophia fabric

Oh yes $19. Now that's what I'm talking about.

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