Calico Fabrics!

Well, I ventured out of the house finally! We had 2 and a half feet of snow over the weekend, and needless to say, I needed my shopping fix! ha ha! So I went to Calico Fabrics.

I love their fabrics, but the saleswomen are incredibly snooty. They don't even say hello until you've been wondering around the store for 10 minutes. I was eyeing this beautiful ikat fabric when the woman asked if I needed help. I told her I had a lime green sofa and throw pillows in this aqua color and exact pattern (see below). She tried referring me to some other fabrics with lime green and aqua, and I didn't like them at all. I said, "I love this ikat fabric so much I want to make it work," and she said, "well it's not working." Just like that. What the hell does she know about my taste? I was so annoyed. So you can't mix patterns now? Ugh! Why would I want matchy matchy? Oh well.

Here are the swatches. Maybe they don't work, but I love them! And they're just throw pillows for crying out loud! Plus the shapes are similar...

And here's the lime green couch:

Is it too busy? I don't think so.

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