It's always your lucky day at Lucketts store! Sorry for the cheese, but it's true. I drive almost 45 minutes to Lucketts, VA to go to this vintage hip store. They have great stuff! When I was there on a Thursday they were delivering and carrying in all kinds of goodies. It's 3 levels, and there are lots of individual rooms with various decor. Some rooms are packed full (especially upstairs on the top floor where they have vintage clothing). And then other rooms are sparse. Take this room for instance. I gasped when I walked in. A bed frame in the middle of the room.

And then the ceiling decorated with this thick fabric.

Swoon. Actually I think I noticed the ceiling first. Stunning and such an easy idea.

Then there were other rooms full of great finds: horns, antlers, old glass bottles and such. My pictures do not do this place justice (crappy camera phone).

Seriously, if you live around Northern Virginia, it's totally worth the drive. I ended up buying a nice satin pillow, an iron upright organizer for papers with a cute bird on top, a few old glass green bottles, and two votive holders with a crackle gold finish. Beautiful when lit.

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