Flea Market Finds

The D.C. Flea Market was a blast! Meeting Eddie and Jaithan and walking around with them made the flea less intimidating! It's big, let me tell you. And every time I go to one of these, I want to buy something and feel this pressure to get the most unique piece I can find. Eddie's tour was so helpful and made me look at things I would have never looked at it. Instead of just going right for furniture, which I usually do, I scoped out glassware, barware, and smaller, more unique items.

This is what I came away with:

A pair of French opaline glasses (in my favorite robin's egg/turquoise blue)

This great oil/vinegar cruet with a greek key pattern (Eddie wanted to steal this!)

Overall, it was well worth the money to tour the flea with Eddie! I'll definitely be back next year and hopefully meet more fellow bloggers.


  1. Sorry I couldn't make it! I really wanted to, but we were car-shopping that weekend! Maybe next time we can get together! Love the finds, especially those goblets!

  2. Definitely! I love your new car, by the way. So cute! I've driven one of them, and they are fast and zippy! Congrats. What is your new job?

  3. I love your finds! the greek key is so AMAZING!

  4. Ah, thanks Eddie! And Laura, you have to come next year.

  5. The Big Flea is coming back Nov 6-7, I may go then. I am a web designer, so my new job is as a "User Experience Associate" so I'll be working with people to determine the usability of their websites, blah blah blah. ;)

  6. Yep. Usually happens every other month or so, from what I've noticed. Sometimes less, sometimes more - I think it depends on the number of people who want to sell.