More Chairs and Flowers

Holy cow! It's been three months since I've posted. I guess that's what wedding planning will do.

Anyways, now that I've essentially missed spring (on this blog), let's jump ahead to summer! Every summer, I plant flowers in pots on my porch. I guess it's my way of convincing myself I have a garden...

I found these two cool chairs in someone's trash on the way to work one day. They have great lines, and the cut outs are awesome. I wanted to use them inside, but really didn't have room.

Here is what they looked like before. Not bad, but the fabric was all dirty and the wood is kind of ugly:

And here they are after:

Project Breakdown:

$8 white paint
Ikat fabric (already had)

So the total of $8 for two new chairs that can be used outdoors/indoors = SWEET!

And here the chairs are with my newly potted flowers. Oh yes I also spray painted some of those pots silver.

Please ignore that ugly fence in the last shot. There's nothing I can do about it since I rent...


  1. I LOVE those chairs. Seriously, the backs of them are so unique! : )

  2. Thanks, Joi! And to think there were actually four and I couldn't fit them all into my car. I was going to go back for them, but didn't want to look like a lunatic taking someone's trash on the road!