Paint Paint Paint!

Where to start? I've lived in the same apartment for 4 years. Just the other day, my fiance says "why don't we paint, we've lived here 4 years." Or something along those lines. In my past apartments, I've painted one accent wall in the living room. Now I'm thinking, why not paint the whole living room/dining room combo (one open space)?

But what color? I want something soft and fairly easy to paint back over. I have neutral colors in my rooms (mostly dark wood, tan couch, etc.). But I do have buttery gold curtains, and a lime green couch with pops of turquoise around and a little cranberry. So I'm thinking a nice tan/beige but something that still stands out.

Here are some pictures of my living/dining area. Please help!


  1. I think that a pale blue (much like my bedroom color) would be perfect! It will look great with the green couch, the gold tones -- it really is an everything color!

  2. Thanks Laura! I was thinking of that for my bedroom, but you may be right, it could work in the living room, too!